From voices in power

Maya Angelique is an author, writer and creative based in Philadelphia, Pennsyvania. From the age of nine, Angelique has been utilizing artistic expression, mainly writing, as a means of coping with adverse forces, and conveying her thoughts and views of the world around her.

During her hiatus from college, she immersed herself in radical self-healing through poetry, thus creating her debut collection of poems Water Comes First. Angelique is an advocate for self-love and awareness, mental wellness, women who have suffered from abuse, and for spiritual connection to one’s heritage.

Angelique’s work has been featured on the Spelman College chapter of The Odyssey Online, as well as NEA Today (You will find her under Maya Elie). She has also been selected to perform her poetry at the annual Decatur Book Festival in 2016 to on behalf of Spelman College, and has helped to conduct poetry workshops for children at Dunbar Elementary School in Atlanta, GA.

This website was created to market her brand, share her knowledge and thoughts as she evolves as a Black woman, as well as a place to connect with her.